Dr. Klaus Mittelbach

Dr. Klaus Mittelbach has been the CEO since 2008. He was appointed by the Executive Board and directs the affairs of the Association based on the requirements of the President and the Executive Board.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Klaus Mittelbach

Dr. Klaus Mittelbach, CEO.
© Matthias Haslauer
Dr. Klaus Mittelbach, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung des ZVEI.

Current function

​since 2008 ZVEI - German Electrical and Electronic Manufacurers' Association Frankfurt am Main/Germany, Chief Executive Officer

Professional Experience

1988-1992 German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), political acitivities: research und education; forreign trade
1992-1994​ Ardex GmbH, Assistant to the executive office
1994-1996 PCB Association (VdL), Managing Director
1996-1998​ German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), Regional Association North Rhine-Westphalia, Head of Business Section Environmental Politics
1998-2008​ Federation of German Industries (BDI), Head of the Department of Environmental Policy dealing with environmental protection, labour protection, health care climate protection, consumer policy, sustainable development
2000-2008​ econsense - Forum Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Deutschen Wirtschaft“ an initiative of leading global companies and organizations of the German economy, which makes its due contributing to the sustainability debate as a think tank and platform for dialogue
2007-2008​ BDI initiative “Wirtschaft für Klimaschutz”, Managing Director
​2011-2013 Chairman of the General Assembly & Board of Directors of Orgalim, the European Engineering Industries Organisation
Since 2017 Member of the Executive Board of DIGITALEUROPE
Since 04/2018 Member of the Strategic Forum for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)
Since 05/2019 Board Member oft the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft e. V. (IW)

Education & Qualifications

​1976 School examination / A level, High school
1976-1978​ Reserve officer´s career in the German Army
1978-1988 Study of chemistry at the University of Bonn/Germany, doctorate