#EuropaMitUns – Europe concerns us all. We are all Europe.

The European Union ensures peace, freedom, democracy and prosperity for some 500 million people. Preserving these achievements in today's world is a major challenge for all of us.

The world is becoming increasingly polarised. In order to counter populist and nationalist forces effectively, a united, value- and compromise-oriented Europe is necessary. This includes transforming Europe into a digital union to maintain competitiveness and strengthen the EU internal market as the basis of today's prosperity.

With the campaign #EuropaMitUns, ZVEI is advocating a strong Europe. One that helps shape digitalisation and thus ensures the cyber security of European citizens. And one that implements ambitious goals in the area of energy and climate policy.

A strong Europe also includes the many small and medium-sized enterprises. Ensuring their stability in a future data and platform economy is crucial in order for Europe to remain a leader in global competition and be able to influence global rules. 


Through #EuropaMitUns, the ZVEI takes people into the future, showing how important Europe is for every individual.


All the information and news about the campaign and the #EuropaMitUns video series can be found here.

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