European Office

International Trade

Open markets and global trade in goods are a basic prerequisite for the strong export orientation of the electrical industry. In Europe, ZVEI is an integral partner in the negotiations on free trade agreements and the international trade policy of the European Union.

Free and fair world trade is very significant for the German electrical and electronic industry, which is one of the world's four largest suppliers of electrical and electronic products and systems with an export volume of almost 200 billion euros (2017). The competitiveness of the electrical and electronic industry depends largely on its integration into international production and value chains. For the electrical industry, open markets and a trade regime that is as barrier-free as possible are therefore an important prerequisite for its economic success.

In recent years, the European Union has stepped up its efforts to conclude bilateral trade agreements with key partners in order to maintain shared prosperity. Positive examples are the conclusion of CETA with Canada and JEFTA with Japan, which undoubtedly underline the important role of duty-free trade for the prosperity and well-being of all partners involved. A fair agreement with the USA would also be of great help to the industry.

The belief in free trade and open markets is a central economic policy principle of ZVEI. For this reason, the association advocates that the EU should continue to champion liberalised world trade and a stable World Trade Organisation (WTO), and to stand against protectionism. The EU should, as far as possible, do without its own protective measures and enter into a constructive dialogue with global partners.