Successful year 2020 for the Automation Research Association

As an expert body for research and innovation projects, the ZVEI Automation Research Community (FG Automation) brings together the leading German manufacturers and renowned research institutes from the fields of automation technology and Industrie 4.0.

In 2020, numerous exciting project ideas have once again been discussed in the meetings of the FG Automation. The most promising ideas will be further developed into funding applications that will also compete for public funding in the new year as part of the BMWi's "Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung" funding program with other applications from all parts of the German economy.

The joint projects initiated by the FG Automation deal with forward-looking digital technologies and are always characterized by their high relevance to SMEs. For example, the "IoT_EnRG" project for the development of energy management interfaces for IoT technologies was recently launched. Cloud-based assistance systems for monitoring complex production facilities are still being researched in the "CLArA" project until summer 2021. The "AMEIDA" project, completed in 2020, successfully addressed adaptive media access for real-time wireless systems in automation.

Companies can continue their involvement in the FG Automation in 2021 and benefit from rapid access to the latest research results and a knowledge edge in current future technologies. The cooperation of research institutes is also still very welcome.

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