Automotive Industry and International Material Data System (IMDS)

The Electronic Components and Systems Division and PCB and Electronic Systems Division within the ZVEI have developed an efficient concept for the Material Data Declaration of Electronic Components, Printed Circuit Boards and Ceramic Microcircuits. The Material Data Declaration can be created by forming cross-company product groups with typical values. These Material Data Sheets, so-called Umbrella Specifications, greatly simplify the declaration without any noticeable loss of accuracy. This concept has been successfully applied by the Automotive Industry since 2004.

We see this agreement as a huge success for the whole supply chain and therefore thank the representatives of Automotive Industry as well as the company representatives being involved from ZVEI-side very much for their co-operation and commitment during the dialogue.

Special note regarding the use of the Umbrella-Specifications of Electronic Components for the preparation of the Material Data Declaration of Electronic Assemblies referring to the IMDS Recommendation 019 (Rec019):

The concept of Umbrella Specifications is also used for the declaration of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA) in the Material Data Base IMDS of the Automotive Industry. The detailed description how to perform this declaration is defined in the IMDS Rec019 “Standard rules and guidelines for E/E (PCB Components)”, issued on 29.10.2013.

If the modules of the PCBA as described in the IMDS-Rec019 are to be used in a Material Data Sheet (MDS), the supplier must have obtained evidence per IMDS Rec001 Section 3.1 (General Reporting) from the sub-tier suppliers that all materials meet the predefined material descriptions and ranges of the Rec019 standard materials. This especially includes the data for Electronic Components. Beside the requirement to use IMDS for the Material Declaration it is agreed based on the Rec019 that reports on PCB Components in IMDS, Umbrella Specification, IPC1752 or similar format are accepted, if agreed between the business partners.

Any use of the Rec019 standard materials does not substitute the supplier’s mandate to track and gather all necessary material information along the total sub-tier supply chain. This mandatory process of material tracking and obtaining of information must be proven to be in full compliance with legal requirements. Upon special request by the customer, the supplier utilizing the IMDS reporting has to prove per evidence that he has collected the required information from its sub-tier levels (Rec.001 Rule 5.2.D).

If the substance composition of a Component is not covered by one of the standard modules e.g. in case of an REACH SVHC, the respective component must be reported individually. The addition of new application codes for leaded ceramic applications will require analysis of PCB components used in the assembly. This separate reporting must also be done if GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List) www.gadsl.org substances are present above the appropriate thresholds that are not disclosed in the standard module.

Additionally, mechanical parts (such as screws, cooling sheets, wiring, etc.) are usually present on the PCBA and must be reported separately according to IMDS Rec 001.

Concerning substances and material range rules, naming conventions, the modules prepared by ZVEI Company ID 102677 undergo the same rule checks (4.4.3.B, and 4.5.4.B) as the IMDS Steering Committee published modules.