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Supply Chain Management in Electronics Manufacturing

Supply chain professionals from the electronics manufacturing industry compiled a guideline focused on the organisation of global added value chains.

Supply Chain Management in Electronics Manufacturing.
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Globalisation creates opportunities for faster development and production. Thanks to modern communication devices, these opportunities can now be exploited. The flexible use of global manufacturing capacities, combined with a focus on core competences, is key to achieve a sustained competitive advantage in today’s business environment. However, this capability requires increasingly complex supplier networks, which must be controlled and optimized to provide reliable, fast and flexible services.

More than 80 Supply chain experts from approximately 50 ZVEI member companies worked together to frame the guideline „Supply Chain Management in Electronics Manufacturing“.

The guideline describes methods, tools and organisational structures to support robust supply chains with high responsiveness and flexibility. It deals with external framework conditions like laws, regulations, customs and tariffs. Finally it points out the necessity for education, training and skills management to the supply chain staff.

The guideline comprises 20 months of intensive work and can be downloaded here.

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