German Cable Industrie

Cables form the partly invisible energy and communications supply network of our modern life. Noticeably, these infrastructure forming products are rarely spotlighted in the public eye. They are, however, highly essential for today’s technology-oriented society.

With its broad range of products, the German cable industry provides sustainable solutions for all technological questions. 

Essential future subjects such as smart grid, renewable energies and electromobility represent a great challenge for the industry but also reveal an enormous potential for innovations and economic development. 

In order to develop system solutions the cooperation of the entire cable industry across product segments is required. The German Cable Makers’ Association provides the necessary platform for this purpose. 

Already since 1901, cable manufacturers of the German cable industry have been unionised in organisational structures. Since 1947, the German Cable Makers’ Association is a division of the ZVEI. 

Within the division, 33 companies of the German cable industry are organised. With its approx. 18,000 employees the industry produces around 8,000 types of cables for the transmission of power and communications, and a wide range of products in the field of winding wires and accessories, as well. 

At EU level, the division closely cooperates with “Europacable”. For many years, a strong cooperation also exists with the “KTG-Kabeltrommelgesellschaft GmbH” (service company for production and rental of cable reels), a communal organisation of the cable industry.

Tasks & subjects

The various industry issues are dealt with in seven product-related business groups:

  • Power cables for industry, wholesalers and installers
  • Power cables for power supply companies
  • Winding wires
  • Automotive
  • Carrier- and Access-Networks
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Power cable accessories

In almost all business groups of the division, future fields such as electromobility, renewable energies, smart grid, smart building and network expansion relevant for the energy and telecommunications sector are high on the agenda. 

In addition to these key issues, the division is actively engaged in specific topics directly concerning the cable industry such as the construction products regulation, material issues and e-commerce with a special focus on monitoring the development of raw materials markets. 

Moreover, product-related standardisation at national and international level is also on top of the agenda. To the division’s member companies, this work is of outstanding importance. 

Through being a member of “Europacable”, the division ensures its participation and in important decisions and development processes at European level. Due to last years’ restructuring measures, the division’s competences for political lobbying in Brussels have been reinforced.