Welcome to the

Installers‘ and Planners‘ Consortium

​Since its foundation in 2006, the Installers‘ and Planners‘ Consortium has become a key player in the safety market of Germany. By connection 130 Planners, Installers as well as associated manufacturers, the consortium represents the whole value chain.

Goals and topics of the ZVEI Installers’ and Planners’ Consortium

The main purpose of the consortium is to address common challenges for the whole sector. Already, the shortage of experts in certain fields compromises a sustainable business development. Technical requirements and new standards demand comprehensive and up-to-date information in the same time. The consortium tackles these challenges by the provision of high quality handbooks, brochures and technical guidelines for selected topics. In addition, information and recruiting campaigns are conducted with local partners at national and international trade fairs aiming at young people to pursue such a career.

The consortium has strong ties with the ZVEI academy. Out of the manifold portfolio, seminars for smoke and heat extraction systems, voice alarm systems or DIN/EN/ISO standardization are conducted on a regular basis, including distinguished certification programs. ZVEI members get a special offer for such seminars. This gives them an ideal opportunity to qualify their personnel even further and keep a cutting edge in the market. Together with ZVEI’s academy the consortium addresses upcoming developments like IP-networking or interface control technologies to guarantee an outstanding seminar portfolio.