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The Lighting Division

The Lighting Division bundles the interests of the lighting industry at the national and European level. It supports the goals of members in many areas and operates a comprehensive industry marketing.

The ZVEI Lighting Division represents the interests of the lighting industry in the areas of economy, marketing, technology, standardisation and environmental policy. For this purpose it maintains contacts with other associations, non-governmental organisations, ministries and parliamentarians in Germany and Europe. Position statements on important industry issues are drawn up on the basis of the exchange of experience in numerous bodies and committees.

Comprehensive joint marketing is carried out via the joint initiative licht.de. The various facilities available include the website www.licht.de, and the licht.wissen and licht.foren publications. Further publicity work such as roadshows, presentations at events of other associations and institutions are directed at the various target groups and complete the services available.

In the field of technology the division supports the FNL in the DIN service. It focuses on the development of technical lighting standards. Through the coordination of the CEN TC 169, the division occupies a determining position in European technical lighting standardisation.

The cooperation for joint events with the VDE Testing Institute and the development of technical positions help the members with the application of testing standards. As a result of the cooperation, the members of the division also enjoy further exclusive advantages.

The Lighting Division is a member of the European umbrella association LightingEurope. The working parties LINECT and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) with international participation are also overseen by the Lighting Division. The international highlight of the sector is the exhibition “Light+Building”, which took place for the first time in the year 2000 at the suggestion of the division.