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Power Engineering Division

The ZVEI Power Engineering Division represents the common interests of its members towards political, social and economic decision-makers in Germany and Europe.

Electricity is the basis of a strong economy and a highly-developed and technological society. Electrical energy makes life easier, improves working conditions and creates amenities for industry and people which are now considered as a matter of course.

Electrotechnical and electronic components and processes work quietly and reliably in the background and every day ensure a supply of energy at the highest level. This is the purpose of the member companies of the Power Engineering Division.

The ZVEI Power Engineering Division combines the knowledge of its nearly 70 members and applies this to current discussions, such as on the renewal of the German energy system.

The specialist issues are dealt with in committees on the following subjects:
  • Smart Grid
  • Metering and system solutions
  • High-voltage switchgear / equipment
  • Power transformers
  • Measuring transducers
  • Grid control systems.

Optimal solutions are developed together through interdisciplinary cooperation with other ZVEI divisions and strong networking within the own committees.
The Power Engineering Division is a member of the European association “T&D Europe”, which represents the European manufacturers of operating equipment for energy transmission and distribution in Brussels.

The Power Engineering Division informs and advises its members on current developments in legislation and standardisation, and other relevant general conditions at the national and European level.

Comment on the ZVEI-Index for grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES)

This index shows the development of prices for GOES in the German procurement market since January 2004, based on January 2004 = 100 %.

The index is focused on GOES-products which are typically used for the manufacturing of distribution- and power transformers, being the sheet-thick-nesses of 0.23 mm, 0.27 mm and 0.30 mm. Base for the index are data from current contracts and do not consider prices at the spot market.

Thus the index is updated monthly, in the first week of the month with the value of the last month.

ZVEI-Index for grain-oriented electrical steel March 2014*
* The index will not be published until further notice. At the moment we cannot foresee, if and, as the case may be, when data from the index will be published in the future. We appreciate your understanding.