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The Safety & Security Division

The ZVEI Safety & Security Division combines the expertise of the sector with its diverse aspects in one hand. Therefore, ZVEI is capable to address the issues and upcoming challenges of the sector. ZVEI relies on a strong and growing network of enterprises, research and governmental institutions.

The 90 members of the Safety & Security Division thereby bring together two leading markets: “Safety” (Protection of human life, technical safety of systems and buildings) and “Security” (Protection of infrastructure such as airports and power supplies, ICT and population and catastrophe protection).

The conditions and state of our society’s security is constantly changing. Perceptions of threats and challenges vary as well and demand the continuous adoption of technologies and procedures. Technical innovations provide protection against everyday dangers. These technologies in combination with high legal standards and a permanent and transparent dialogue with the public help to improve the factual and perceived level of security.

New developments on the societal level (demographic changes, climate change, and spread of infectious diseases) require comprehensive answers. Due to fast growing interconnection of several crucial services (e.g. energy, water, infrastructure, banking, communication), modern societies are prone to an ever increasing vulnerability.

By providing these crucial services, Germany heavily depends on the private sector. In many cases private companies manage the central functions of our daily lives. In order to guarantee a stable, continuous, and secure provision of these services, appropriate legal and organizational frameworks become more and more important.

The general and overall safety requirements can thereby come into conflict with the revenue and profit expectations of the private providers.

In addition, terrorism and international organised crime are also blurring the previous boundaries between internal and external security, and therefore require cross-border scenarios and strategies.

For these reasons, the issue of security will play an increasingly important role in the future. With its “enabling technologies”, the electrotechnical and electronics industry is the best contact partner for politics, national and supra-national security institutions and the public. The ZVEI is more than the mere addition of products and systems, in that it provides impetus at the political level to meet the future challenges on the issue of security, and actively contributes in the development of new risk scenarios and security philosophies.


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