The PCB and Electronic Systems Section is the trade association for the PCB, electronic assembly and integrated circuit industries. Our goal is to optimise the economic and political framework conditions and to strengthen the German-speaking and European location.

Our activities strengthen the performance and national and international competitiveness of our member companies. At the same time, they are characterised by social and environmental responsibility. By thinking and acting together, the member companies of the PCB and Electronic Systems Section form a strong community. The PCB and Electronic Systems Section is a reliable partner for its member companies. It is particularly important to us to balance the interests of small, medium-sized and large manufacturers and to act as a link in the chain of the individual industry segments.

At a glance

Our topics

The topics listed below are focal points of our work:

  • Printed circuit boards from Europe
  • Services in EMS Initiative
  • Integrated Layer Circuits: Successful Solutions for Ceramics - Basic Technology for Electronic Microsystems
  • Technical component cleanliness
  • Long-term storability of components, assemblies and devices
  • Repair/Rework of electronic assemblies
  • Design Chain Initiative
  • Traceability
  • Material Content
  • Supply Chain Management

Our board

Nicolas-Fabian Schweizer

Schweizer Electronic AG

Further board members:
Walter Moser

AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG

Dirk Schönherr

Abatec Mikrosysteme GmbH

Michael Velmeden

cms electronics gmbh


Unser Netzwerk

The strategic development of the products is carried out through close cooperation with all partners in the value chain and other organisations in the industry.

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