Alliance for cybersecurity as a partner for the electrical industry

The Alliance for Cybersecurity is the largest information and exchange network in Germany with more than 2,100 members. ZVEI leads the Alliance's advisory board and has been responsible for the reorientation of work and support, especially for industrial users, since April 2016.

ZVEI recommends its member companies to participate free of charge in order to profit from the extensive services:

  • Monthly security reports
  • Publications for management, technicians and security experts
  • Regional expert circles on technical issues
  • Regional exchange circles on incidents
  • Security checks, guides, first aid
  • Reporting office and contact person for incidents

The Alliance allows participating companies to find cross-industry responses to cybercrime and economic spying. ZVEI supports the Alliance's mission to create industry- and sector-specific situation pictures. This improves the technical recommendations and guidelines of the authorities, which in turn will benefit the users.

ZVEI views the Alliance as the most successful embodiment of the "cooperative approach" of the federal government in the field of cybersecurity.



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