Cybersecurity in ZVEI

The cross-cutting issue of cybersecurity is top priority at ZVEI: All ZVEI lead markets have established cybersecurity initiatives. Their concerns and interests are grouped together at the cybersecurity department, led by Dr. Mittelbach, Chairman of the ZVEI Management Board.


ZVEI, through the Cybersecurity Initiative, is pursuing three long-term objectives:

  1. Ensuring an industrial-suited (security) regulation
  2. Establishment of a security culture in the electrical industry
  3. Strengthening the core competence "Industrial Security" [link] in the general public.


At the same time, it is a question of making the issue more credible amongst companies, politicians, citizens and employees. If cybersecurity and data protection are ensured, the necessary trust for the feasibility of digitisation arises. As ZVEI, we are committed to a prudent exchange on opportunities and challenges of digital change.

The establishment of "Industrial Security", as an addition to the classic "IT Security" as well as the guarantee of trustworthiness in times of global value-creation relationships, is the focus of industrial policy. The partner network for ZVEI companies to protect against espionage and cyber criminality is another major feature of ZVEI's work.


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