Hack the Factory - newsgame on cybersecurity

Demonstrate your knowledge of cybersecurity. Only those who answer the questions correctly will hack successfully.

Why is cybersecurity so relevant?

"Threats are changing. Because the attacks on industrial companies are becoming increasingly professional," says Lukas Linke, cybersecurity expert at ZVEI. "Initial industry reports show that almost every company is confronted with small and medium-sized attacks. Three out of ten companies regularly have to deal with serious incidents - plus those we don't know about." This applies not only to the industrial environment - the threat is also increasing in medical technology, intelligent energy networks and the smart home. It was therefore of great importance to draw attention to the dangerous situation. Newsgames are a new approach for this: "Hack the Factory" is designed to convey important knowledge in a playful way. 

Test your knowledge in our newsgame "Hack the Factory":

  • Take on the role of a cybercriminal: scriptkid, organized crime or state attackers
  • Spy on the target: IT, administration or production. Where are the best chances of success?
  • Choose the attack method: trojan, DDoS attack, social engineering and more. What fits the selected goal?
  • And how do you cover your tracks after a successful access?

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