ZVEI: Neu gesteckte Klimaziele nur durch konsequente Elektrifizierung und Digitalisierung erreichbar

The cross-cutting issue of cybersecurity is top priority at ZVEI.


  • implement of CO2-reducing technologies quickly

  • Building sector holds high potential 

"The goal of reducing greenhouse emissions by 55 percent by 2030 is ambitious. It can only be achieved if we start tackling it now," explains Wolfgang Weber, Chairman of the ZVEI Executive Board in the light of the current EU summit. Consistent electrification and digitisation are necessary requirements for this, he said. "We are ready to go: many CO2-reducing technologies are available to accomplish the transformation of energy, buildings, transport and industry.
In particular, the building sector has great potential for achieving the climate goals. In the EU, this sector is responsible for more than 30 percent of emissions. The ZVEI therefore strongly supports the EU's plan to increase the renovation rate from 1.5 to three percent as part of the "Renovation Wave". 

"We therefore call on the Commission, Member States and Parliament to work together to remove barriers for scaling up energy-efficient investments and to demand and promote modernisation," Weber continues. "The framework conditions for innovative, green technologies must now be shaped in line with climate protection goals." In Germany the electrical installations in three quarters of all buildings are outdated. These, as well as domestic heating technology, must now be brought up to date in order to, among other things, also create the basis for a nationwide charging infrastructure. 

In addition, preconditions for the complete switch to LED technology should be promoted. The digitisation of the energy system and the distribution networks towards a smart grid also plays a fundamental role in all of this. "In order to achieve the 2030 climate goals, we need consistent, mandatory European targets and subsidies, transparently aligned with the eco-design regulations. This is how we can create a sustainable, climate-neutral and stronger Europe.

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