ZVEI auf der SPS 2022

Die SPS wird in diesem Jahr vom 08. – 10.11.2022 in Nürnberg ihre Tore öffnen und somit zwei Wochen früher als in den vergangenen Jahren stattfinden.

Digitisation and sustainability are the two main topics at this year's Hannover Messe. The ZVEI, as well as many member companies from the electrical and digital industries, will be presenting numerous exhibits and solutions that pay tribute to these two focal points.
The German and European economy is facing major upheavals. More than ever, it is therefore important that the innovations of our industry are also put to use. The Hannover Messe, which is being held as a presence event again for the first time in two years, can act as a catalyst here. 
In addition, ZVEI will be presenting exciting talks and content on Industrie 4.0, 5G, DC-INDUSTRIE and artificial intelligence in panels. 


ZVEI meeting points: "ZVEI Street“ in Hall 11 

ZVEI main booth (Hall 11, Booth E35):
The ZVEI main booth is a meeting point for everyone who wants to inform and exchange ideas about the digital transformation in business and society and other top topics of the electrical industry. 
ZVEI is pleased to be able to present two innovations for the first time at the Hannover Messe. Firstly, the PCF@ControlCabinet demonstrator , which determines the CO2 footprint of a control cabinet in detail. The other is the Drive 4.0 demonstrator, which explains the implementation of the electric drive as an Industry 4.0 component.  With these two exhibits, the association exemplifies how the vision of the "All-Electric-Society" can be implemented and how the path to a low CO2 industry can be taken. 
With the Industrie4.0@school project, vocational students from the David Roentgen School in Neuwied, Germany, are demonstrating how an Industry 4.0 production process works. The exhibit makes the computerization of production technology with the goal of a Smart Factory visible and shows a product in batch size 1 using an industrial robot.

Special show Modular & Open Production by ZVEI, NAMUR, ProcessNET, VDMA and PNO (Hall 11, D44):
The Modular & Open Production special show moves right next to the main ZVEI booth at Hannover Messe. This year with more space and expanded to include a topic closely related to modularization: The NOA concept (Namur Open Architecture) for the integration of maintenance and servicing from the field level to corporate management. In the process industry, modular production enables more flexible, faster and more cost-efficient plants. NOA's open and integrative approach simplifies the integration of Industry 4.0 functions into automation. The 2022 Process Automation Special Show will showcase the current state of the art in process automation production, with an eye on its modular and open future.

DC-INDUSTRIE Booth (Hall 11, D34):  
Direct current (DC) is considered a future key technology for integrating renewable energy sources into the production process. The avoidance of costly energy conversions within the production process, the simple exchange of energy between energy sources, storage systems and production plants and individual machines as well as a higher availability of production plants due to a more stable grid are the decisive advantages of this technology. The open approach chosen for industrial DC grids is a great opportunity for developers, machine builders and plant operators to implement new energy-efficient, highly available, convertible and thus future-proof concepts for intelligent energy supply in industry. 
At Hannover Messe, the partners will present results from the DC-INDUSTRIE and DC-INDUSTRIE2 research projects, show DC applications for industry and provide an outlook on the DC Alliance, which ZVEI will establish by the end of the year.

5G-ACIA, working group of ZVEI, in Hall 9, D54:  
The main booth of the global alliance "5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA)" is the meeting point for everyone who wants to get competent information and exchange ideas about Industrial 5G. Various member companies of the alliance will be participating in the 5G-ACIA booth. In addition to representatives of the automation industry, experts in information and communication technology will also be on hand. With the help of live 5G applications, they will illustrate the latest developments on the entire topic of industrial 5G and thus provide a comprehensive insight into the technology.

Career congress WomenPower:
On June 2, the 19th WomenPower Career Congress will be held as part of the Hannover Messe under the motto "Future of Leadership." The congress brings women and men on stage and provides a platform for topics such as diversity, equal opportunities, sustainability and career development. 

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