Guidelines of the electrical industry for the responsible use of data and platforms

Digitalization brings a fundamental structural change to both the economy and society. The German electrical industry interlinks…


Human-Centric Industrial AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the key drivers in the data and platform economy.


Funding Europe's Future (Position Paper)

The position paper describes the requirements for the future EU's 9th Research Framework Programme from the point of view of the…

The European Union's research initiative Horizon 2020 is approaching the final stretch.

Horizon 2020

The currently running 7th R & D framework programme of the EU will be replaced by “Horizon 2020” in the year 2014. It combines the…

The High-Tech Strategy is being implemented by the Federal Ministries for Education & Research and Economics & Technology.

The High-Tech Strategy of Germany

The High-Tech Strategy is the national overall concept for research, development and innovation in Germany. The ZVEI has supported…