Energy transformation? Do it efficiently, right away!

The ZVEI is convinced that the improvement of energy efficiency must be understood as a central component of the energy transition. Only in this way can the desired high proportion of renewable energies in electricity consumption be achieved reasonably economically.

For the success of power generation the ZVEI recommends a new market model and planning security.
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Für ein Gelingen der Energiewende empfiehlt der ZVEI ein neues Marktmodell und Planungssicherheit.

Renewable energies account already today for almost 35% of the share of renewables in electricity which are envisioned to be generated by 2020. However, the expansion of renewable energies is only one part that may turn the energy transformation into a success.

In addition, further important aspects also play a significant role: the expansion of networks continues to be stagnant. The "Digitisation of the Energy Transformation Act" and the improvement of the investment conditions for distribution network operators still continue to be vital milestones. However, it also remains equally crucial to secure the financing of the networks by its users.

The highest political priority should also be given to energy efficiency. The building sector is responsible for about 40 per cent of CO2-emissions in Germany. Without having accomplished the energy efficiency targets in the building sector, the energy transformation objectives remain unattainable.

The technologies regarding energy efficiency are already available and must be utilised. Strengthening competitive mechanisms in promoting energy efficiency measures is only one measure on the way to reaching the objective.

In a system that is increasingly characterised by renewable electricity generation, the electrification of heating and mobility should also be considered. Contracting and energy services help to realise efficiency potentials economically and must be bolstered as business models for greater energy efficiency.

The achievement of progress on these issues will determine whether the energy transformation will turn out to be a success or failure.

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