Smart-Metre-Rollout: Law entered into force

At the beginning of this year, the "Law on the Digitisation of the Energy System Turnaround“ became effective, which provides for the rollout of intelligent measuring systems and modern measuring devices in Germany. The so-called smart metres, which will replace the mechanical electricity metre in many buildings, will create the conditions for a safe and energy-efficient energy system of the future. 

By 2032, the modern measuring device, an electronic metre, will replace all electromechanical metres in Germany. Intelligent measuring systems will also be gradually introduced. These consist of a modern measuring device, supplemented by a "Smart Metre Gateway", which will only then render the measuring device capable of communicating remotely.

The installation of intelligent measuring systems is, among other things, an important component for integrating renewable energies into power grids and for realising the electricity market 2.0.  

The Federal Government decided in July 2016 to introduce modern measuring systems and intelligent measuring systems with the "Law for the Digitisation of the Energy System Turnaround". This way, EU directives are implemented in Germany and adapted to the special requirements of the energy system turnaround.

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