Apps & Mobile Devices in the health service – Opportunity or incalculable risk in the hospital?

With this question, the ZVEI discussed the use of Apps and Mobile Devices at the Medicine and Health Congress in Berlin. The Berlin Congress is the most important annual event for decision-makers in the health industry and health policy in Germany. The ZVEI has been participating in the Congress for many years with an exhibition stand and workshops on current topics.

The panel members discuss enthusiastically. From left: Marcus Wenzel (ZVEI) and Hagen Hupperts (Charité Berlin). © ZVEI

Mobile end devices and Apps are being used increasingly in medical everyday life. They facilitate efficient processes, e.g. through paperless communication and documentation. Very different end devices have to be managed efficiently. Highly sensitive patient data has to be protected. Apps also have to be assessed as software products as well in accordance with the Medical Devices Act. Data integrity and protection must be guaranteed in interactions with critical infrastructure and IT systems in the health industry.

Not all participates are aware of the statutory requirements and they are often underestimated. This is the case, in particular, in respect of the uncertainty of programmers and users in the question as to whether the mobile end device is a medical device, or if the software used, the App, comes under the medical product approval regulations. The ZVEI position paper on this subject therefore argues in favour of a conscious and considered use of the new technical possibilities. The workshop is ZVEI's contribution to the quick clarification of the general conditions for the use of Apps and Mobile Devices.

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