Health in ZVEI

Germany is getting older, the significance of chronic diseases is increasing, and the requirements on health care are also changing. The ZVEI is developing solutions for the health industry of tomorrow. Within a few decades, a third of the German population will be 65 and more years of age. This also increases the significance of chronic diseases. These require efficient healthcare management in all walks of life. Besides the hospital and the doctor’s surgery, the home will become the third workplace of the health industry.


The mission statement of long-term healthcare management

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes, and also age-related dementia or limited mobility are served best in the context of a long-term concept. The persons concerned should be enabled to retain their personal independence for as long as possible and participate actively in everyday life. The aim is to prevent medical emergencies and to stabilise the health status of those concerned. This not only ensures a better quality of life for people and their families, but also helps to reduce health insurance costs.


Use innovation as an opportunity

Medical and technical innovations will make it possible in future to detect diseases at an earlier stage and treat them individually. This opportunity to improve healthcare and at the same time make it more cost-efficient must be used consistently. Technical innovations must therefore be applied quickly in order to improve care.


The health industry and legal health insurance

The health industry of tomorrow includes more than the previous statutory health insurance in Germany. It also includes care and prevention, as well as the preservation of personal independence. And apart from strictly medical applications, technical support measures and services also contribute to long-term healthcare management. The discussion on health must therefore not be limited to the scope of the present statutory health insurance.


Requirements for the healthcare industry of tomorrow


The ZVEI is therefore committed to


  • applying innovations promptly with a quick return,
  • using tele-medicine as a first step into long-term healthcare management, and
  • using technical aids in private homes for the avoidance of inpatient care.


Healthcare in the ZVEI - integrated solutions

Rapid diagnosis and therapy, long-term healthcare management and intelligent living environments need to be merged into practical solutions. The ZVEI brings together the know-how and the experience of the association and its members on the subject of healthcare across many technologies and applications and makes the association a partner for the discussion of the healthcare system of tomorrow.