Joint declaration on the electrical industry dialogue signed in Berlin on 21.6.2017

Within the framework of the electrical industry dialogue, the ZVEI, IG Metall, Gesamtmetall and BMWi signed a joint declaration in Berlin on 21 June 2017. In this declaration they defined a catalogue of measures for the fields of innovation and digitisation, including energy policy, foreign trade and internationalisation as well as employment policy.

Jürgen Kerner, Executive Board Member IG Metall, Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries, Michael Ziesemer, President of ZVEI, Olaf Zander, Managing Director of Gesamtmetall (f. l. t. r.)

"We must conduct the social dialogue more intensively. It decides whether digital change will win people's trust," said ZVEI President Michael Ziesemer at the event, to which Federal Economics Minister Brigitte Zypries invited important company representatives from the electrical industry as well as spokespersons from trade unions. Ziesemer explained that in addition to politics, companies and trade unions, science and society are also called for. Digitisation is not a question of fate, but a creative task for many. According to Ziesemer, obstacles to innovation must be dismantled and new technologies must be able to be applied.

The ZVEI, IG Metall, Gesamtmetall and BMWi have the goal of securing Germany as a strong location for the electrical industry with a high number of jobs in the long term.

Tthe Joint Declaration on the Sector Dialogue Electrical Industry can be downloaded here.

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