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Field Failure Analysis in the automotive electronics supply chain

The increasingly complex quality requirements in electronic vehicle systems can be guaranteed only by close co-operation along the entire supply chain. An important task is the finding / appraisal of field failure parts.

This manual is intended to help the participants of electronics supply chain to reduce the inspection expenditure for well-known failure causes.

The recommendation of the VDA ‘Schadteilanalyse Feld’, published in 2009 gives a general description of the field failure process as well as a specific audit standard. By anchoring in the VDA volume 6.3 this recommendation became a work basis in the automobile industry.

The ZVEI guideline describes the conversion of the VDA recommendation in the electronics supply chain – from the OEM over the Tier1 to the sub-supplier. The manual helps the electronic industry to fulfill the process requirements formulated in the VDA audit standard.

Error analysis is a complex venture and exceeds production and proportionate development time considerably by a multiple. Even if not all components exchanged in the field are returned to the manufacturer, the necessary expenditure for confirmation the failure cause is immense.

The ZVEI manual is intended to help the electronics supply industry to reduce - in accordance with VDA recommendation - the inspection expenditure for parts with well-known failure causes and to focus analysis staff to defective parts with new or unknown failure causes and thereby to increase the efficiency. The manual can be used in principle also with the parts analysis of zero-mileage complaints.

According to the VDA recommendation aspects of cost were not regarded. For this topic we refer in particular to the document “CLEPA position on Warranty in between two commercial parties”.

In addition to the VDA recommendation “Schadteilanlayse Feld” the VDA published in October 2011 the audit standard “the common quality management in the supply chain, marketing and customer service, field failure analysis”. This is increasingly used within process audits, in order to evaluate the ability of the failure finding process with the manufacturer of a complaint part. A proactive market observation should be anchored organizationally by all enterprises involved in the context of the respective area of responsibility.

ZVEI members can use this manual in order to adapt their internal processes to these new challenges of the automotive supply industry.

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