China: 25. Mai - Wiedereinreise der deutschen Wirtschaft nach China möglich

Application for a seat on a possible 1st Charter Flight on May 25th

Urgent: Re-Entry of German business community into China

On 28 March 2020, China has temporarily suspended the entry of most foreign nationals. 

In order to help German companies in China to return urgently required personnel in the current situation, the German Embassy together with the German Chamber of Commerce in China are discussing a fast-track procedure for the re-entry of employees of German companies into China with Chinese authorities on basis of current travel regulations on a charter flight. 

A 1st possible charter flight could leave Germany on May 25th, 2020. Possible passengers on this flight would have to accept and fulfill the following conditions:

  • Possible travel date: May 25th, 2020 
  • Route: Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) to Shanghai Pudong (PVG) only – transport to target destination from Shanghai needs to be arranged individually by companies 
  • Mandatory COVID-19 test before departure from Germany: proof of negative test result valid 48 h before departure issued by company doctor (Firmenarzt) or local health authorities (Gesundheitsamt) or commercial test providing institutes (Labore) 
  • 48h quarantine after arrival in China: Chinese authorities will select a quarantine hotel in Shanghai for a mandatory 48h quarantine 
  • Mandatory COVID-19 & anti-body test after arrival in China: during quarantine in Shanghai a mandatory COVID-19 & anti-body test will be required by every passenger 

Further pre-conditions for such a 1st possible charter flight are: 

  • Approval of passenger list by Chinese provincial authorities and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • Issuing/re-instatement of visa for passengers on an approved passenger list by Chinese embassy and Consulates General in Germany 

In order to allow a first smooth approval of a first passenger list, the following passenger criteria may apply: 

  • According to current travel regulations, foreign nationals for necessary economic, trade, scientific or technological activities or out of emergency humanitarian needs may apply for visas at Chinese embassies or consulates 
  • Only persons willing to travel back to China within the next 2-3 weeks should be nominated for a tentative passenger charter flight list 
  • Employees of German companies in China with valid residence permit 
  • In exceptional cases: urgently needed specialists on project basis 
  • In exceptional cases: families of employees of German companies with valid residence permit in case of special social hardship 

Please note the following organizational aspects for a 1st possible charter flight: 

Overall coordination: German Chamber of Commerce in China 

Contract & Payment: Contract only possible between companies (no individual contracts/tickets) and a specialized broker company in Germany, payment of flight will only be possible in Germany to the bank account of the broker 

Available seats: for epidemiological reasons around 200 seats on this 1st possible charter flight, there might be more charter flights later, if the 1st flight proves to be successful 

Seat distribution: according to the regional distribution of German companies in China, i.e. 60% Shanghai/East China, 30% North China, 10% South & Southwest China 

Flight Price: Costs for the charter flight will be allocated and distributed to companies on seat basis, costs can currently only be estimated, but expected economy-class ticket price should be around 2.500 EUR (tbc), different booking classes will be available. 

Other costs: costs for described testing in both Germany and China, quarantine hotel accommodation, transportation to the airport in Germany and to target location in China needs to be arranged and paid individually by companies.

In case you would like to nominate passengers under the above-mentioned conditions and criteria for a 1st possible charter flight, please provide us with all information for applying for a flight seat by filling out the application form here: https://easy-feedback.de/charter-seat-application/1228838/0x2c2e-multi-61255 

Please send us back your feedback until Wednesday, May 13, 8 pm, CST (China Standard Time). 


  • Please nominate passengers in order of priority for your company. 
  • If your company is part of a group of entities in China, please align with your China headquarters. 
  • After filling in the application form, you will receive a confirmation of your application and will be contacted directly regarding the further procedure. 

Please note: 

  • As the situation is uncertain, there is no guarantee a charter flight can take place as described. 
  • An application does not guarantee a slot on the passenger list, due to limited seating capacity and to a series of necessary approvals and conditions as mentioned above.
  • Although all information has been generated or selected and revised with the utmost care, no liability will be assumed for the completeness and the accuracy of the contents.

For any question, please contact China wide central contact: 

Phone: +86-10 6539 6777 

Service Times: Mo – Fri; 08:00 – 20:00 CST (China Standard Time) 


„Covid-19 wird einen erheblichen Einfluss auf die gesamte Mobilität von morgen haben.“

Dr. Albrecht Köhler, ZVEI-Fachverbände Elektrobahnen und -fahrzeuge & Electronic Components and Systems, CEO der Schaltbau Holding AG

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„Für uns steht der Schutz der Gesundheit unserer Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter an erster Stelle.“

Werner Köstler, Vorsitzender der ZVEI-Themenplattform Automotive und Senior Vice President Continental Automotive GmbH, Mitglied des Vehicle Networking and Information Managements

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Ingo Schönberg, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Power Plus Communications AG; Mitglied des Vorstands im ZVEI-Fachverband Energietechnik

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„Die Anbieter von Automatisierungs­lösungen tragen entscheidend dazu bei, dass unsere Gesellschaft als Ganzes weiterhin funktioniert.“

Jan Mrosik, Chief Operating Officer Siemens Digital Industries, Vorsitzender ZVEI-Fachverband Automation

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„Halbleiter, wie Mikrochips, ermöglichen präzise Funktionen in der Medizintechnik und tragen damit zum Gesundheitsschutz der Bevölkerung bei.“

Stephan zur Verth, Vorsitzender Fachgruppe Halbleiter-Bauelemente im ZVEI-Fachverband Electronic Components and Systems, NXP Semiconductors Germany

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"Medizintechnische Geräte sind entscheidend bei der Diagnose und Behandlung von Covid-19-Patienten."

Christian O. Erbe, Vorstandsvorsitzender ZVEI-Fachverband Elektromedizinische Technik, Erbe Elektromedizin

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"Batterien liefern jederzeit Energie und sichern so medizinische Hilfe und den Transport wichtiger Güter."

Dr. Christian Rosenkranz, Vorstandsvorsitzender ZVEI-Fachverband Batterien, Clarios Germany

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