Vision & Mission


The companies of the electrical and electronics industry in Germany are important pacemakers of technological progress. Our key technologies shape the innovation and growth rates of virtually all economic and industrial sectors. Our products, systems and solutions contribute to the quality of life of the people.

Our vision

We actively shape the framework conditions and common platforms for the growth of the industry in international competition. We provide orientation for our members and partners and association policy security in times of rapid and radical change. We are always a knowledgeable, highly sought after and assertive discussion partner. The efficiency of our association’s work supports the entrepreneurial development of our industry and its members

We strengthen the position of the German electrical and electronics industry in a uniting Europe as a basis for global competitiveness. We thereby create value for our member companies and promote overall economic development.

The values that unite us

We – the members of the ZVEI – are committed to a liberal social order which is founded on democracy, competition, economic sustainability and the concept of the social market economy. We affirm the central role of entrepreneurial action for social development.

We at the ZVEI work with commitment and confidence with our partners in business and society. We are united by the willingness to active dedication to common aims and mutual assistance.

Our mission

We are the regulatory and economic policy authority of the electrical and electronics industry and actively contribute to the further development of the economic and socio-political framework in Germany and Europe.

We offer our member companies the forum for their opinion-forming, as well as a competent representation of interests towards politics, society, customers and value-creation partners. We help make innovations marketable by establishing regulations, standards and norms and enforcing them in the competition.
We support our members by technology and market-oriented services at the interface between politics, institutions, companies and markets. We provide information in the dialogue with the public on the current developments and positions of the electrical and electronics industry.
We thereby contribute to the success of companies and business models in the future.