The ZVEI Automation Section is the platform for all companies in automation technology, industrial information and communication technology, and related industry-related services. With annual sales of 47.6 billion euros*, the automation industry represents more than a quarter of the German electrical industry. The Automation Trade Association promotes dialog between industry, politics and society and represents the interests of the German automation industry vis-à-vis politicians in Germany, Europe and worldwide. The active cooperation of member companies and the office in a spirit of partnership form the basis of the trade association.

We are shaping the framework conditions to further strengthen the competitiveness of our industry. In doing so, we are clearly committed to fair competition, from which innovation and the market for industry emerge. In our committees, corporations work side by side with SMEs, small businesses and startups on an equal footing. Through common standards and norms, we promote innovations and ensure their dissemination. The office of the Automation Trade Association sees itself as a customer-oriented service provider, critical partner to politics, multiplier and representative of Germany's most innovative industry. We support our member companies with a strong information base and thus ensure their global success. The automation industry in Germany and Europe is a world leader. We work every day to ensure that it remains so in the future. The member companies in the trade association are organized into three specialist areas: Electric Drives (EA), Measurement Technology and Process Automation (M+P) and Switchgear, Switchgear, Industrial Controls (SSI). The topics are determined jointly in the respective specialist committees. Future topics with high political and social relevance, such as energy efficiency and environmental topics, are dealt with in overarching committees and centrally promoted by the trade association for all members. *Federal Statistical Office, 2020, Germany

At a glance

Our topics

Our topics

The innovative products and solutions of our member companies pave the way for emission-neutral production, more sustainable business and the achievement of climate policy goals.

We emphasize the importance of automation companies in the context of circular economy efforts and make our industry's demands clear at an early stage in the lobbying process. We raise awareness for a distinction between consumer and capital goods, which should be subject to different ecological requirements due to their longevity. We represent companies that strongly promote innovations and invest a high proportion of sales in them.

This is directly reflected thematically in the work of the trade association:

We get involved in policy and legislative processes and thus ensure

  • the safety of machinery and equipment
  • the sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of products and processes in industrial manufacturing
  • and the security of products and manufacturing infrastructure.


  • we are driving forward the digitization of industry
  • increase the energy efficiency of production processes and
  • ensure the secure networking of machines and plants across the entire value chain.


Our board

Rainer Brehm


Vice Chairs: 
Ulrich Leidecker

Phoenix Contact

Christian Wendler


Further board members: 
Stefan Basenach


Dr. Matthias Bölke

Schneider Electric

Eckard Eberle


Johannes Kalhoff

Phoenix Contact

Dr. Gunther Kegel


Nikolaus Krüger 


Susanne Kunschert


Holger Schulte


Johann Soder


Dr. Wolfgang Sperling


Prof. Dr. Dieter Wegener


Dr. M Christian Wolf


Dr. Marc Wucherer

Bosch Rexroth


Our network

In order to sustainably strengthen the interests of our member companies and the position of the German automation industry, we conduct effective public relations work and engage in technology-oriented advocacy - both at the federal level and, through our umbrella associations, at the European level.

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