Industry and automation are key to the energy transition

The manufacturing industry and automation are important keys to the transformation to a climate-neutral and sustainable society. The manufacturing industry accounts for about one third of energy consumption and almost one fifth of global CO2 emissions. Automation technologies are the basis for a more flexible, productive, safe and sustainable industry. Automation, digitalisation and the intelligent use of production data help to reduce energy and resource consumption, CO2 emissions and costs. The transformation of today's energy landscape can only be realised with automation technology. 

The lead market industry in the ZVEI is the platform for all companies in electrical engineering, industrial information and communication technology and the associated industry-related services that equip industrial production and machinery. The lead market accounts for about one third of the turnover of the German electrical and digital industry. The products and technologies of the Divisions Automation, Electric Welding Equipment, Electrical Winding & Insulation Systems and Transformers and Power Supplies are the basis for making production sustainable and smarter and thus enabling digital business models. The value added by products in factories or even chemical plants is the basis for the prosperity of our society. New technologies such as AI-based solutions, autonomous systems, blockchain, edge and cloud computing or data demonstrably help to reduce CO2 emissions and costs. Networking in the factory with 5G is also providing impetus and enabling new concepts in production. Together, the member companies of the ZVEI in the lead market industry contribute to making machines and plants safer, more efficient and more resilient.

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