Strongly Positioned

Within the ZVEI, the member companies are the "sovereign"

They determine the guidelines for the association's work and elect the Executive Board. They are supported by the ZVEI's full-time employees.

On the one hand, associations such as the ZVEI provide important impetus for democracy by consolidating and representing interests. On the other hand, their internal structures make them examples of a successful democratic organization. Co-determination and democracy are also of great importance in the ZVEI. Specifically, this means that the members decide which people "give the ZVEI a face" and what it stands for.

General meeting

The most important co-determination body in the ZVEI is the General Assembly. Every ordinary member company has one vote here. This means that decision-making in the ZVEI is organized in a very democratic way. The General Meeting takes place once a year. Among other things, it decides on changes to the articles of association and membership fee regulations and the discharge of the Board of Directors and management.

Delegates' Assembly

The Delegates' Assembly meets every three years to elect the Board of Directors. It consists of delegates elected by the regional offices and sections. The number of delegates is determined by the number of members organized in the regional offices and specialist associations.

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Our Board of Directors


The Board of Directors discusses and decides on fundamental issues relating to the association's work. It consists of up to 75 members who are owners, legal representatives or executives of an association member and are elected for a term of office of three years.

Board of Directors

All chairmen of the 23 sections and the nine regional offices of the ZVEI are represented on the Board of Directors. Among other things, the Board approves the annual financial statements and the budget and elects the President, up to five Vice Presidents and other members of the Board of Directors from among its members.

Narrower Executive Board

The narrower Board of Directors is elected by the Board of Directors and comprises the President, the Vice Presidents and other members of the Board of Directors, up to a maximum of eleven members in total. The narrower Board develops the guidelines for the association's policy and decides in particular on important issues that need to be decided at short notice.