On our way to the All Electric Society

Our vision is the All Electric Society. Our mission: Together with our members from the electro and digital industries, we at ZVEI are driving the transformation to an electrified and digitised society a little further every day. Technologically, politically and socially. With #electrifyingideas, always in dialog at eye level.

We are convinced: Only through the megatrends of electrification and digitalisation will we be able to take the path to a truly sustainable society and successfully counter climate change. The future means connectivity - in all areas and across all sectors: in residential and non-residential buildings, in the energy sector, in industrial production, in healthcare, and in mobility solutions. The same applies to everyday things - such as the use of the television or the washing machine. And this networking starts on a very small scale, because the right components are immensely important.

The electro and digital industry is ready with its solutions, its #electrifyingideas, to make the All Electric Society a reality bit by bit. Through the use of green electricity and its derivatives, through smart factories, energy-efficient buildings, individualized healthcare, with low-emission transportation options and electrical devices adapted to usage needs.

We know: Sustainability has an economic, ecological and social dimension. And progress therefore always goes hand in hand with responsibility, which we face up to as an industry. Resources are finite. That is why we are committed to establishing a functioning circular economy that can be implemented by all stakeholders.

And we know: We can only be successful if we work together. That is why we represent our positions both at national level and with international partners at European and global level.