More than 50 manufacturers of railway systems and their suppliers are organised in the Electric Traction Systems and Vehicles Section. The aim is to expand their cooperation and to strengthen the German electric railway industry in global competition.

The Electric Traction Systems and Vehicles Section represents the interests of its approximately 50 member companies. Manufacturers of complete railway systems and their suppliers work together here to develop electrotechnical and transport policy solutions in the field of electric railways and vehicles. The aim of this cooperation is to maintain the quality of products and systems in rail transport at a high level and to further strengthen the position of the German electric railway industry in global competition. Currently, the focus of the cooperation is on the approval procedures in Germany and the further development of energy-efficient vehicles on modular platforms.

At a glance

Our topics

The Electric Traction Systems and Vehicles Section deals with the following topics:

  • Current technical and political issues in the railway industry as well as developments in railway policy in Germany, Europe and worldwide.
  • Sustainable propulsion systems in the railway industry (including electric multiple units (EMU), overhead contact line/battery trains (BEMU), hydrogen hybrid trains (HEMU), diesel hybrid trains)
  • Digitisation of the rail sector, including infrastructure and rolling stock (e.g. ETCS expansion in Germany and Europe, Digital Automatic Coupling, Freight Car 4.0)

Our board

Frank Schleier


Further board members:
Thomas Blau


Manfred Fuhg


Steffen Heinrich

MTM Power Messtechnik Mellenbach GmbH

Thomas Milewski

SBRS GmbHVerkehrstechnik und e-mobility

Dirk Müller-Atzerodt

FWM-Fahrzeugwerke Miraustrasse GmbH

Martin Schlesinger

GSP Sprachtechnologie GmbH

Christian Schmidt

Hanning & Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

Dominik Veit

Thales Deutschland GmbHTransportation Systems

Dirk Wimmer

Dinghan SMART Railway Technology GmbH


Our network

  • Inter-association exchange on the topic of mobility and the railway industry with representatives of the German Transport Forum (DVF), the German Association of the Railway Industry (VDB), the Association of German Transport Associations (VDV) for the formulation of joint positions and statements for politics and the public.
  • Member of DKE/E351 Electrical Equipment for Railways
  • Participation in the Steering Committee of the Future Alliance Rail of the BMDV
  • Participation in the UNIFE National Associations Committee
  • Participation in the BDI on mobility topics, e.g. within the framework of the BDI Transport Committee
  • Exchange with DB Systemtechnik on current regulations in the field of "data & data exchange" (e.g. Data Act) and digitalisation in the rail sector
  • Networking with the German Centre for Rail Transport Research (DZSF) on current research topics and research priorities (including digitalisation topics)
  • Joint sessions at the InnoTrans trade fair with the other associations DVF, VDB, VDV
  • Dialogue with representatives of the VDE on the technical and economic consideration of alternative drive concepts in the rail sector
  • Cooperation in the steering committee of the German Transport Forum (DVF)
  • Active participation in the Railway Forum
  • Cooperation with KölnMesse as a partner of polisMobilty

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