The ZVEI Media Networks Section represents the interests of its member companies vis-à-vis politicians, authorities and all partners in the value chain. It does this both nationally and at the European level. The focus is primarily on economic and technology policy issues, but other policy fields such as media and environmental policy also receive the necessary attention. The trade association serves its member companies as an important information base and as a platform for dialogue in a spirit of partnership.

At a glance

Our topics

The ZVEI provides its members with up-to-date industry information and represents their interests in the context of regulatory and technological developments.

The Media Networks trade association supports a wide range of technological and regulatory developments for its member companies. The focus here is on national and international standardisation as well as the quality requirements and standards of the products of our member companies. Here, the association acts as an important information hub for the member companies, for example with the committee "Technical Commission" (TK). 

Industrial policy issues such as the gigabit expansion in Germany also play a central role. Our member companies stand for a cross-technology gigabit strategy that includes all existing networks and drives the expansion in line with demand. The decisive factor is not the technology, but the performance of the networks - the available bandwidth creates the added value for users. Gigabit availability is often erroneously reduced to the expansion of fibre-optic connections (fibre-to-the-home). In fact, compared to the rest of Europe, Germany benefits from the high availability of broadband cable networks in the country. Thanks to the latest DOCSIS technology, hybrid fibre coax networks (HFC) in particular are now making a significant contribution to the rapid and cost-effective expansion of the gigabit society in Germany. The success of the gigabit expansion in Germany is therefore essentially based on the inclusion of cable networks.

The Media Networks Division supports the Satellite Reception Working Group (AG SAT e.V.) ideally and accompanies the technological progress of the "satellite" transmission path. Thanks to satellite optics, satellite signals are now distributed to many subscribers via fibre optic cables, even over greater distances. The AG SAT is committed to a high standard of quality in installation and regularly offers training courses, which are supported by the members of the Media Networks Association.

Our board

The section is represented by its honorary board of directors, which is elected every three years at the general meeting. The board provides important strategic impulses for the association's work.

Herbert Strobel

ASTRO Strobel Kommunikationssysteme GmbH

Vice Chair:
Axel Sihn

Wilhelm Sihn Jr. GmbH &  Co. KG

Further board members:
Michael Franz Auer

KATHREIN Digital Systems GmbH

Matthias Dienst

Televes Deutschland GmbH

Ulrich Kiebler


Carolin Schlüter

Polytron-Vertrieb GmbH

Axel Bechler


Stephan Fauser

Triax GmbH

Michael Mertens



Our network

The successful work of our section is based on a well-developed network with diverse contacts in politics, business and society. This successful networking enables an efficient working method and representation of interests.

This includes the most important national associations in our industry. These are in particular ANGA, VAUNET, VDE and ZVEH. In addition, the ZVEI is integrated into the umbrella organisation BDI. We also maintain close contacts with, among others, the AG SAT initiative and are associated with the ANGA COM trade fair as partners. 

Within ZVEI, there is close thematic networking with the Consumer Electronics Section and The German Cable Makers' Association. The Media Networks Section is part of the ZVEI lead market Consumer.

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