The Electric Drive Systems Section is the platform for economic and technical topics of electric drive technology. Around 70 leading manufacturers are organised in this specialist field. Its main emphasis is on the exchange of opinions and experience with the product and market development as well as the technical guidelines and standards.

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With its solutions for production and automation technology, modern electric drive technology is a future and growth industry. In addition to the product business with electric motors and drive electronics, the range of products includes software solutions, system integration, digitalisation (Industry 4.0) and services related to drive solutions.

The Electric Drives Division organises a permanent exchange of information and opinions with stakeholders in order to identify new developments and formulate positions at an early stage. Especially in the area of energy efficiency and the environment, the legal influence of directives and regulations is constantly increasing and is an important field of activity.


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Dr. Jörg Hassmann


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Andreas Baumüller


Christian Wendler




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The Section is a member of the European industry association CEMEP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics).

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