The Switchgear, Controlgear, Industrial Control Systems Section

Around 160 manufacturers of German electrotechnical automation technology, with the emphasis on production automation, are represented in the Switchgear, Controlgear, Industrial Control Systems (SSI) Section. The major consumer sectors are the automotive industry, machine and plant construction, the printing and paper industry, storage and handling technology, the packaging industry, power supply companies, and the field of renewable energies with the focus on the wind power and photovoltaic industries.

The products of the companies represented in the SSI section include:
  • Industrial low-voltage switchgear (especially switches and low-voltage circuit-breakers) for the connection or disconnection of power circuits for operation and monitoring, including the necessary safety technology
  • Switchgear for electrical power distribution, as well as necessary protective devices
  • Command and signalling devices for switching machines and equipment on and off, and for the display of system conditions, in particular with regard to personal and system protection
  • Relays and devices for the monitoring of safety circuits
  • Control equipment for the control of all movements in machinery and plant construction including relevant safety systems
  • Optical and inductive sensors for the detection, counting, classification and positioning of objects
  • Industrial connection technology for the robust connection of energy and signal lines.