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The ZVEI Battery Division

Manufacturers of batteries for automotive, motive and stationary applications as well as manufacturers of portable batteries work closely together in the ZVEI Batteries Division. The Batteries Division represents the economic, technological and environmental policy interests of the battery industry. It represents the common interests of members, in particular through cooperation with authorities, economic and other bodies and institutions, as well as through participation in legislative measures. It supports its members with advice and action in promoting their economic and technical development.  division includes the sectors or product areas of the battery industry, such as automotive, industrial and portable batteries and new technologies and applications.

At European level, the ZVEI Batteries Division is involved in the activities of the European Portable Battery Association (EPBA) with the focus on portable batteries, EUROBAT, which focuses on automotive and industrial batteries and RECHARGE the European association of advanced rechargeable batteries. With around more than 8,000 employees, the German battery industry achieves a turnover of around € 2.4 billion (in 2016).

Current projects include the improvement of awareness for electrochemical energy storage in the public and political arena, the safety of batteries and charging technology of E-bikes, research and development of batteries, as well as the general framework for the production of batteries in Germany.