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Domestic Electric Heating and Hot-water Appliances

The Domestic Electric Heating and Hot-water Appliances Division represents the interests of the household-appliance industry in the fields of economy, technology and standardisation towards policy-makers and the social environment.

The Domestic Electric Heating and Hot-water Appliances Division is made up of 27 companies which achieved domestic sales of around € 440 million together in the year 2011.

The division offers a platform for the exchange of views and experiences between the member companies on current technical, economic, legal and socio-political topics in the field of the Electrical Industry.

In the division, common industry positions are developed and represented towards politicians, the authorities, associations and other interest groups. The division works for the common interests of manufacturers at the German and European level.

The member companies enjoy access to a wide range of services. The ZVEI supports them with comprehensive information on economic, technical, commercial and legal issues. The members benefit from the close contact of the ZVEI with politicians and interest groups, as well as exchange of experiences across associations.

Chairman of the division:

  • Karlheinz Reitze

Vice-Chairman of the division:

  • Jörg Gerdes