The Installers‘ and Planners‘ Consortium is an association of specialist safety installers, specialist electrical planners and experts. This makes it possible for the ZVEI to reflect the ever-increasing networking of the safety-related trades with each other and with related topics and trades, for example in the "Smart Home" or "Smart Building", and to be the contact and platform for current and future issues of the industry.

The ZVEI is more than the mere addition of products and systems, in that it provides impetus at the political level for tackling future tasks in the area of safety and is actively involved in the development of new risk scenarios and safety philosophies. In doing so, it makes its knowledge and experience available to its members as well as to politics and business.

At a glance

Our topics

The Installers‘ and Planners‘ Consortium is an association of specialist safety installers, specialist electrical planners and experts. It represents the interests of its members in the safety market and is a competent contact for authorities, operators and other associations.

The Division plays a decisive role in shaping the security market by participating in national and international standardisation committees and with position papers on current and future developments. Arge members are informed about trends and developments at an early stage and can adjust their business policy accordingly. The Installers‘ and Planners‘ Consortium works closely with the manufacturers of safety technology in the ZVEI Safety & Security Division.

The Division attaches great importance to qualified training and further education. Division members can be certified as ZVEI installers for smoke and heat ventilation systems and thus strengthen their market position. In cooperation with the ZVEI Academy, the Division organises qualified seminars for further training.

Furthermore, the Working Group of Installers and Planners deals with the following topics:

  • Regulatory framework conditions at the German and European level (e.g. model and special building regulations and directives, EU Construction Products Regulation)
  • Standardisation and norms of safety technology at DIN/DKE, CEN/CENELEC and ISO/IEC
  • Cybersecurity and networking of security technology with other trades in the building, e.g. in the context of smart home / smart building or adaptive escape route guidance
  • Digitisation (remote services, safety/security as a service) and future technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, Building Information Modelling
  • Cooperation with relevant target groups on the operator and user side
  • Research projects relevant to safety technology (e.g. early fire detection, electromobility and fire protection, smart home).

Public relations work is a central concern of the Working Group of Installers and Planners. We are the first point of contact for the press and interested members of the public with questions about electronic security technology. Together with our experts from the member companies, we also produce a large number of publications to inform the market, answer specific questions and influence the discourse in the professional public.

Our board

Christian Kühn

Schlentzek & Kühn GmbH

Vice Chair:
Klemens Siebers

WISAG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co KG

Further board members:
Bernd Giegerich

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Markus Groben

Groben Ingenieure GmbH




Unser Netzwerk

The successful work of ourdivision benefits from a resilient network with diverse contacts in politics, business and society. This successful networking uses synergies and thus enables a more effective representation of interests.

Our network includes local, state and federal authorities, operator and industry associations (e.g. BDI, EHI, VDV, DFB, BHE, VDI), standardisation organisations (e.g. DIN and DKE), trade fair and congress organisers (e.g. Messe Frankfurt, NürnbergMesse) and certifiers (e.g. VdS, KRIWAN).

The cooperation extends to the publication of joint publications, statements on draft standards, laws and directives, events and seminars as well as lecturing activities.

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