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ZVEI Foreign Trade Report January 2019

​​Every month ZVEI informs about the latest developments in the German Electrical and Electronic Industry's foreign trade. The ZVEI Foreign Trade Report presents the performance of the sector's...

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ZVEI Business Cycle Report January 2019

​​Every month ZVEI informs about both the current economic situation and the economic expectations in the German Electrical and Electronic Industry. The ZVEI Business Cycle Report is concerned with...

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Drive 4.0 – Vision Becomes Reality (Extended Edition)

Updated and extended edition

On the way to Drive 4.0: Based on existing standards, this White Paper shows the implementation of the drive as an Industrie 4.0 component. It presents the results of...

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Technical Cleanliness in Electrical Engineering (Guideline, 2nd edition)

The first edition of the guideline on component cleanliness was published in 2013. Our understanding of technical cleanliness has significantly increased in the meantime.

In addition, VDA 19 has...

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Horizontal Product Regulation for Cybersecurity (Whitepaper)

EU-wide uniform product requirements for cybersecurity are of great importance for the German electrical industry. It is clear that a patchwork of national initiatives, laws and labels are...

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General Safety Recommendations for Power Capacitors

​These safety recommendations and requirements apply to the following power capacitors and standards. Their purpose is to describe the state of technology which must as a rule be adhered to in all...

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Reduction of SF6 Emissions from Switchgear and Controlgear

This user guide is based on the current legal requirements in Germany and is intended to help reduce the complexity of handling SF6-filled equipment and provide a simple overview of the necessary...

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Interaction of mobile devices with fire detection and fire alarm systems via IP networks - Explanatory Leaflet 33010:2014-07

Explanatory Leaflet for the interaction of mobile devices with fire detection and fire alarm systems via IP networks.


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White Paper: Low fire-hazard cables improve safety

​With the white paper on low fire hazard cables, the German electrical and electronical industry provides an extensive insight into the main aspects that have to be considered regarding fire...

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EU Safeguards on Steel Imports (Position Paper)

EU countermeasures on US steel import duties harm German electrical industry.

The electrical and electronic industry is deeply concerned: is the US launching a trade dispute or even a trade war?...

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