Minimization of risk by the controlled replacement of fire detectors

Rationale for the model arrangements set out in DIN 14675-1 - Explanatory document 33020:2024-02

The tasks of fire alarm systems are to warn people of the dangers of a fire at an early stage, to enable rapid rescue and also to protect property. The early, fast and reliable detection of fires is the task of automatic fire detectors connected to the fire alarm system. Fire detectors are sensor systems and a component of an overall safety system. They are subject to numerous application-specific environmental conditions and - like other socio-technical systems - are subject to natural ageing processes, which means that their service life is limited. The functionality of a fire alarm system must be ensured in the long term due to the numerous risks associated with a functional impairment and the failure of a fire detector. This requires the controlled replacement of fire detectors.

This explanatory document explains the necessity and context of a controlled replacement of fire detectors using the regulations of DIN 14675-1 in Germany as an example.


Buildings Installers‘ and Planners‘ Consortium Brandmeldesysteme Safety / Security / Defence Manual

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