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News, Mobility, All Electric Society

Tax benefits for electric vehicles are the better choice

Regenerative electricity for electric cars In order to make the electric cars really attractive for environmentally-conscious customers, the electricity must come from renewable sources. For this…

News, Mobility, All Electric Society

Electro-mobility is a symbol of the system change

Research and development require well-trained engineers The technologies of the Electrical Industry play a crucial role in this respect. For the electrical sector as one of the most successful…

Robustness Validation - Implementation

To implement Robustness Validation ZVEI offers various helpful documentation and supports Seminars and Training of VDA, ECPE and TA Esslingen. Robustness Validation  Manual – How to use the…


Climate-neutral society only works with standardisation

Standardisation enables the transformation of our society and economy towards a CO2-neutral all-electric society and thus ensures a future that is worth living.  Without a comprehensive…

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