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Leaflets: Compact Battery knowledge

Nr. 5: Transport von Batterien​ Nr. 29: Abgrenzung zwischen Gebrauchtbatterien zur Wieder-/Weiterverwendung und Abfall Nr. 35: Leitfaden für die Kontrolle von Gefahrguttransporten vor dem Be- und…


Proposal of the EU Commission for a new Battery Regulation (Position Paper)

In December 2020, a proposal for the new EU Battery Regulation was presented by the EU Commission. The regulations claim to cover the entire life cycle of a battery and are therefore equally…


Notes on the new German Battery Act

The First Act to amend the German Battery Act (BattG2) was published in the Federal Law Gazette I No. 50 of November 09, 2020. This act changes the Battery Act of 2009. The amendments will come into…


Transport regulations for batteries - what has to be considered

Batteries are dangerous goods. When transporting batteries, various regulations of transport law must therefore be observed. The regulations are extensive and not always easy to understand. The ZVEI…


ZVEI comments to Inception Impact Assessment for the Battery Directive (Position Paper)

ZVEI participates in EU Impact Assessment for the Battery Directive  The revision of the EU Battery Directive 2013/56/EU is gathering pace. The EU Commission has announced a proposal for…


Revision of the EU Battery Directive - Position of ZVEI

Batteries play an increasing role in many economic sectors. They provide power to power tools or laptops, store renewable energy and drive more and more e-bikes and electric cars. When batteries…

What is the difference between a battery and an accumulator?

What is the difference between a battery and an accumulator? The term "battery" is used both as a generic term for energy storage and as a term for a non-rechargeable energy storage…