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Position Paper radio equipment directive RED

Information for Manufacturers of Lighting Equipment with Radio Communication


The Replaceability of LED Light Sources

This leaflet is intended to set out technically feasible designs for the exchange or replaceability of LED light sources in LED luminaires. In order to be replaceable, only suitable LED modules or…


Position Paper on Colour rendering according to TM-30-15

A Lighting Division Position Paper on Colour rendering according to Standard TM-30-15 of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). English translation.


LED modules connected in series

​with an explanation that LED modules shall comply with the LVD and shall carry a CE marking.


Immunity of LED Luminaires to Transient Overvoltages

Suitable LED power supply units and LED modules combined with harmonised luminaire designs can help achieve effective protection from transient overvoltages.

ZVEI and dena present new online tool for efficient lighting

Lighting harbours enormous possible savings for municipalities and companies. In the case of industrial lighting alone, according to the calculations of the ZVEI, around € 1 billion could be saved…

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