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Measurement and diagnosis of partial discharges in low voltage applications ≤ 1000 volts (Guideline)

Partial discharge measurement Partial discharges also occur in low-voltage applications due to the ever-increasing switching frequencies and the associated ever-increasing dU/dt. Partial discharges…


Mythos MTBF (Guidance)

Switch-Mode Power Supplies: Understanding and applying mean-time-between-failures correctly.    Will a power supply with an MTBF of one million hours last 114 years? (No)   Is the…


CE Declarations of Conformity using 3rd Edition of the safety standards EN IEC 62368-1:20xx

If equipment is developed according to harmonised standards listed in the EU Official Journal, there is a presumption of conformity with the safety objectives of the corresponding directives, e.g.…

25.03.2021 | Europe

Electrical equipment and electronic components play key role for greenhouse gas emission reduction

Joint Position of FIEEC and ZVEI Representing the electrical and electronics industries, strong supporters of the EU Green Deal and key enablers of the energy transition to a climate-neutral…


ZVEI Recommendation: "The Digital Nameplate"

The first recommendation is "The Digital Nameplate". As a partial model of the asset administration shell, it makes all relevant information including certificates and documentation available in…


Guideline selection of safety standards for power supplies

The replacement of the two standards EN 60950-1 and EN 60065 by EN 62368-1 generates a lot of movement in the standards landscape. The official successor is EN 62368-1, but it clearly focuses on the…


Guideline Measurement and diagnosis of partial discharges in low voltage applications ≤ 1000 volts

This brochure gives a first idea of the quite complex topic. The development of more efficient electrical elements and operational funds in ever more compact designs is connected with the…

Improving Power Quality in Electrical Networks

The power supply sector has seen many changes over the past two decades, including a shift from energy production by large power stations with high-performance synchronous generators to a…