#MTP #NOA: Future Production is Modular & Open

The exhibition “Modular Production and NOA” is a joint project of manufacturers, module builders and users from the process industry. Under the umbrella of the associations NAMUR, ProcessNet, VDMA and ZVEI, the participating companies are driving current topics from process automation

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2021 characterized by developments towards CO2-neutral production

The past year has been demanding for the automation industry. Despite all this, a number of milestones were set that will be driven forward this year. In September last year, the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) was founded. It provides the appropriate platform to fill the idea of the asset administration shell with life, to generate partners and supporters and to create standards. First results will be presented this year.

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Successful year 2020 for the Automation Research Association

As an expert body for research and innovation projects, the ZVEI Automation Research Community (FG Automation) brings together the leading German manufacturers and renowned research institutes from the fields of automation technology and Industrie 4.0.

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Review: 5th Leadership Circle Industrie 4.0 Conference

The fifth Leadership Circle Industrie 4.0 Conference took place in 2020, like so many other events, in a virtual format. This year, the speakers impressively demonstrated how to make the leap from PowerPoint to the factory floor.

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Demonstrator Drive System 4.0 – Vision becomes Reality

Drives are the core component in industrial production. In combination with sensors and software, they enable the digitalization of the production process and thus the transparency of technical processes.

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Automation Division

The ZVEI Automation Division is the platform for all companies involved in automation technology, industrial information and communication technology and industry-related services. With an annual turnover of 52 billion euros*, the automation industry represents more than a quarter of the German electrical industry.


For its members, the professional association is the platform for the exchange of information on technological, economic and socio-political topics. Here, trends and developments are recognized early and dealt with in committees. Our motivation is to strengthen the interests of the member companies and the position of the German automation industry in the long term. To this end, we perform effective public relations work and pursue technology-oriented representation of interests - both at federal level and, through our umbrella organizations, at European level. 


*Federal Statistical Office, 2019, Germany


Our Guiding Principle

The Automation Division promotes the dialogue between industry, politics and society and represents the interests of the German automation industry towards politics in Germany, Europe and worldwide.  The active cooperation of member companies and the office forms the basis of the association.


We shape the framework conditions to further strengthen the competitiveness of our industry. In doing so, we are clearly committed to fair competition, from which innovation and market for the industry will result. In our committees, corporations work side by side with medium-sized companies, small businesses and start-ups on an equal footing. We promote innovation and ensure its dissemination through common standards and norms.


We are involved in guideline and legislative processes and thus ensure

  • for the safety of machines and plants
  • the sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of products and processes in industrial manufacturing
  • as well as the security of products and the production infrastructure.



  • we drive the digitalization of the industry
  • increase the energy efficiency of production processes and 
  • ensure the secure networking of machines and systems across the entire value chain.

The office of the Automation Division sees itself as a customer-oriented service provider, critical partner of politics, multiplier and representative of the most innovative industry in Germany. We support our member companies with a strong information base and thus ensure their global success.


The automation industry in Germany and Europe is a global leader. We are committed daily to ensuring that this remains so in the future.

Tasks and Topics

The innovative products and solutions of the member companies pave the way for emission-neutral production, more sustainable management and the achievement of climate policy goals.


We emphasize the importance of the automation industry in the context of recycling management efforts and clarify the demands of our industry early in the lobbying process. We raise awareness for a distinction between consumer and industrial goods, which should be subject to different ecological requirements due to their longevity. We represent companies that strongly promote innovations and invest a high proportion of their sales in them.


This is directly reflected in the work of the trade association.

•    Artificial Intelligence
•    Modular production
•    Circular Economy
•    Industrial 5G
•    Edge and Cloud Computing
•    Data spaces
•    Cyber Security