Coronavirus pandemic: Maintaining industrial production, ensuring supply of life-sustaining equipment

  • Medical engineering and many other industries are vital in the fight against the virus
  • Balancing production and protective measures


ZVEI is convinced that the fight against the coronavirus requires an efficient industry. "In order to implement the pandemic emergency plans, our medical technology companies have to be able to continue their production," ZVEI President Michael Ziesemer explains. "This requires supply chains and logistics to be ensured and that the employees can continue to come to the companies."

ZVEI is thus responding to voices calling for European industrial production to be scaled down on the Chinese model. "We now need more ventilators, more computed tomography systems and a many other things, not less," continues Ziesemer. "Our automation specialists, for example, are helping to ensure that production in pharmaceutical companies does not come to a halt.” A fundamental shutdown of the industry would therefore not be expedient. "In this difficult situation, the industry wants to make an important contribution to overcoming this crisis."

He appeals to the companies to take the highest possible protective measures for their staff. "Of course, the safety of every individual must be guaranteed in production also." This includes the need to maintain the currently necessary minimum distance between them. 

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