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EU industrial strategy is an important step for the digital single market

EU industrial strategy must strengthen European technological sovereignty

Increase competitiveness by promoting 5G and AI

"The European industrial strategy must strengthen Europe's technological sovereignty," demands Wolfgang Weber, CEO of ZVEI - the German Electrical Industry, regarding the presentation of the EU industrial strategy. "This is the only way to ensure the long-term competitiveness of our industry and at the same time guarantee that its digital transformation succeeds." It is therefore appropriate to take an ambitious approach towards a sustainable, digital and competitive European industry. "Furthermore it is a good opportunity for Europe's industry to show that effective climate action and economic growth are not conflicting, but yet can go hand in hand.“

Next, the EU industrial strategy should be backed up by measures to be better prepared to compete with the USA and China. "For a strong digital Europe, core technologies such as 5G or artificial intelligence must be developed in a targeted manner and their acceptance must be promoted," said Weber. In particular, we need to focus on industrial applications of artificial intelligence, because they are crucial for efficiency and quality in value creation. "In Europe, we are already an international leader in the field of industrial AI. This is Europe's great opportunity in the increasingly fierce international competition," Weber explains. 

ZVEI supports the strategic orientation of the EU industrial strategy. "To succeed, however, the digital single market, the industrial data economy and the technological basis must now be developed further," Weber continues. "An innovation-friendly environment will provide our companies with good opportunities to respond to global challenges with solutions made by Europe in global value chains. Such an environment must now be created by the EU industrial strategy."

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