Position paper on the revision of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

The Electro and Digital Industry Association (ZVEI e. V.) welcomes the revised version of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). It is an important opportunity to jointly create future-proof framework conditions for the construction and renovation of buildings in the member states. A climate-neutral building sector is only realistic with a significant increase in the rate and depth of renovation. 

The necessary technologies already do exist and are constantly being developed further by the companies. In order to increase the renovation rate and depth, they must be increasingly used. Depending on the building technology and application, for example, at least six percent for heating and five percent for lighting are necessary.

The incentives planned in the EPBD for so-called deep renovation - i.e. extensive, deep and future-proof renovation measures - are therefore right and important. The EU member states must expand their subsidies accordingly in the short term and, above all, in the long term. A particularly fast implementation should be encouraged just as much as a particularly strong emission reduction. 

Here we present proposals on how to achieve the climate targets even better with the new version of the EPBD.


Buildings Domestic Electric Heating and Hot-water Appliances Electrical Installation Systems Lighting Position paper

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