Technical Cleanliness in Electrical Engineering (Guideline, 2nd edition)

The first edition of the guideline on component cleanliness was published in 2013. Our understanding of technical cleanliness has significantly increased in the meantime. 

In addition, VDA 19 has also been updated. These developments have now been addressed in the second edition of the guideline on component cleanliness. As well as several changes which ensure continuing compliance with VDA 19, some chapters have been extended. For example, the empirical values for components have been updated and expanded and a "clarification form" for the cleanliness analysis has been proposed (see 

New content has also been added. For instance, the guideline now includes a calculation tool (reference to download) based on a scientific approach to assessing the risk of an electrical short circuit caused by conductive particles.

Furthermore, it covers topics such as environmental cleanliness, data management, and cleanliness-controlled design as well as examining other related topics such as whiskers, film residues, ionic and biological contamination.



2nd extended edition



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