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Classification of Binary 24 V Interfaces (Position Paper CB241)

The ZVEI Automation Association has adopted a new ZVEI recommendation for the classification of binary 24 V interfaces with testing in the area of functional safety. The recommendation presents -…

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ZVEI Foreign Trade Report Special: USA

From time to time, the ZVEI provides additional information on selected countries and regions in a special edition of the foreign trade report.


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Position statement by the German Electrical Industry on the planned European regulation of supply chain due diligence

In some regions of the world, there is a risk that the protection of internationally recognised human rights and the environment will be disregarded in the production or processing of goods. The…

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ZVEI Foreign Trade Report May 2021

​​Every month ZVEI informs about the latest developments in the German Electrical and Electronic Industry's foreign trade. The ZVEI Foreign Trade Report presents the performance of the sector's…

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Guideline on plastic recyclates in the electrical industry

The use of recycled plastics is assessed as one of the core elements for a functioning circular economy, effective climate protection and the achievement of the (especially ecological) Sustainable…

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The Electric Industry in Numbers

The publication "Electrical Industry in Figures", which is published annually in German and English, provides detailed information on the German electrical industry as well as important…

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ZVEI Business Cycle Report May 2021

​​Every month ZVEI informs about both the current economic situation and the economic expectations in the German Electrical and Electronic Industry. The ZVEI Business Cycle Report is concerned with…

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AI in Industrial Automation (White Paper)

With artificial intelligence, the second wave of digitization is picking up speed. Efficiency-enhancing solutions, new data-based business models, sustainable production - not only for corporations,…

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25.03.2021 | Europe

Electrical equipment and electronic components play key role for greenhouse gas emission reduction

Joint Position of FIEEC and ZVEI

Representing the electrical and electronics industries, strong supporters of the EU Green Deal and key enablers of the energy transition to a climate-neutral…

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CE Declarations of Conformity using 3rd Edition of the safety standards EN IEC 62368-1:20xx

If equipment is developed according to harmonised standards listed in the EU Official Journal, there is a presumption of conformity with the safety objectives of the corresponding directives, e.g.…

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