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Horizontal Process Requirements for the Security Life-Cycle Management of IoT Products

This paper outlines cross-domain security process requirements for IoT manufacturers at a meta-level with an international focus. Its purpose is to identify fundamental processes for the three core…

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Revision of the EU Battery Directive - Position of ZVEI

Batteries play an increasing role in many economic sectors. They provide power to power tools or laptops, store renewable energy and drive more and more e-bikes and electric cars. When batteries…

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ZVEI Foreign Trade Report June 2020

​​Every month ZVEI informs about the latest developments in the German Electrical and Electronic Industry's foreign trade. The ZVEI Foreign Trade Report presents the performance of the sector's…

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Climate protection through electrification and digitisation (Position Paper)

The Green Deal means future for Europe. The ZVEI supports the initiative of the EU Commission to strive for an overall, sustainable approach to reducing greenhouse gases with the Green Deal; and…

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ZVEI Business Cycle Report June 2020

​​Every month ZVEI informs about both the current economic situation and the economic expectations in the German Electrical and Electronic Industry. The ZVEI Business Cycle Report is concerned with…

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Position Paper radio equipment directive RED

Information for Manufacturers of Lighting Equipment with Radio Communication



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27.04.2020 | Sustainability

The new Circular Economy Action Plan (Position paper)

The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) supports key aspects of the EU Commission's "New Circular Economy Action Plan - For a cleaner and more competitive…

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Scenario for reducing SF6 operating emissions from electrical equipment through the use of alternative insulating gases

The SF6 and Alternative Gases working group has developed two future scenarios on how the introduction of new technologies to replace sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) in the field of electrical energy…

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28.01.2020 | Sustainability

Plastics in the Electrical Industry (Discussion Paper)

The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) supports the efforts of the EU Commission to boost the role of plastics in a circular economy. The electrical industry…

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Details of the Asset Administration Shell

Part 1 - The exchange of information between partners in the value chain of Industrie 4.0

The aim of this document is to make selected specifications of the structure of the Administration Shell in…

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