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Smart applications support sustainable health care

Efficient, decentralised and yet close to the patient. Smart applications can help to improve medical care for people in their own homes. How? VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI present potential solutions at the…

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General PFAS ban endangers the climate goals of the European Green Deal

59/2023 Without PFAS, the energy and mobility transition threatens to come to a full stop VDA, VDMA and ZVEI call for differentiated consideration of the PFAS group No wind turbine, no energy…

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IFA 2023: German electrical associations show solutions for more sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings

At this year's IFA, the three associations VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI are once again presenting themselves together. In the "House of Smart Living" they will show how energy can be saved using building…

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DC-INDUSTRIE2 direct current research project successfully completed

22/2023 Direct current makes an important contribution to the success of the energy transition Results of DC-INDUSTRIE2 transferred to Open DC Alliance "Direct current from renewable energies…

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Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) launched

4/2022 Direct Current makes an important contribution to a sucessful energy transition ODCA directly follows DC-INDUSTRIE2 research project Following the founding of the Open Direct Current…

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EU Chips Act needs to create a competitive microelectronics ecosystem based on market demand

90/2021 The current semiconductor supply shortages are affecting numerous European companies across all industries.  A new semiconductor strategy paper by ZVEI  and a member of…

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ZVEI: Europe's industrial strategy is going the right direction

36/2021 Yet: Specific steps for implementation and a clearly defined timetable are missing   Frankfurt am Main, 5. May 2021 – "Europe's best answer to the globally increasing competition…

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ZVEI evaluates last minute agreement on Brexit positively

109/2020 But: Implementation of the new rules must succeed quickly The agreement on Brexit reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom is to be assessed positively overall for…

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ZVEI: EU industrial strategy must strengthen companies in global competition

91/2020  Strengthening competencies in green and digital key technologies "The new EU industrial strategy must now create a framework that strengthens the competitiveness of…

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User organization "Industrial Digital Twin Association" founded

Industry associations together with 20 companies are pushing the open source development of the Digital Gemini for Industrie 4.0 Strong network of developers and users drives the digital future…

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